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What is the Information Technology & Logistics Council (ITLC) and What Does It Do?  


ATA’s Information Technology & Logistics Council (ITLC) is dedicated to supporting the interests of the trucking industry’s information technology and logistics professionals. ITLC is committed to educating members, developing industry best practices and technology guidelines and providing legislative and regulatory advocacy programs.


The mission of the ITLC is to create value for members through education, advocacy and research of logistics management and information technology issues impacting the trucking industry. ITLC members include information technology and logistics professionals and managers of ATA motor carrier member companies. In addition to motor carrier employees, industry suppliers of logistics, supply chain management, business process management, telecommunications, software and consulting services are also part of the ITLC membership.


What Benefits Do Information Technology & Logistics Council Members Enjoy?


  • The ITLC Tech Teams are working groups that develop industry best practices, technology guidelines, ATA policy recommendations and monitor issues so that ITLC members are well represented in logistics and IT-related issues relevant to the trucking industry.

  • The ITLC staff is available to assist all members with technical questions or problems and to provide information on IT or logistics related issues in the trucking industry.

  • ITLC has developed publications specifically designed to address motor carrier issues in the areas of IT and logistics management. ITLC products cover topics like emerging technologies and industry best practices as well as XML and EDI technology guidelines.
  • In addition to the annual ITLC meeting, the Council also holds other working meetings as necessary. Whether drafting recommended practices or sharing information, working meetings are an excellent opportunity for committees to work together for the industry’s benefit.

  • The online and printed ITLC Membership Directory is a member-only benefit and serves as a great networking tool. The directory lists each member, company, title, address, telephone, fax and email address. 

  • Your member dues also include a Transport Topics subscription valued at $109.00.



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