The American Trucking Associations is authorized to file the Designation of Agents for Service of Process Form BOC-3 with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and act as a Blanket Company on behalf of registered for-hire motor carriers, property brokers, and / or freight forwarders. If your company has or is in the process of obtaining its interstate for-hire authority and have been assigned your Motor Carrier (MC#) or Freight Forwarder (FF#) number, you will be instructed by the FMCSA to file a BOC-3 form.

The cost to file a BOC-3 form is $55 per calendar year for non-members of ATA. If you are filing for both interstate Motor Carrier (MC#) and Freight Forwarder (FF#) operating authority, an additional $55 will be assessed. To maintain your filing, ATA will send you a renewal notice (also $55 for each authority) in December for the upcoming year. If you are served process, the agent will invoice you for $50 to cover the delivery costs.

As a Blanket Company, ATA works with a network of process agents – typically transportation attorneys – in each state and the District of Columbia who will accept the served court papers on behalf of your for-hire transportation company and forward them to you by certified mail.

The FMCSA requires that the information on the FORM BOC-3 about your motor carrier, including the Company Legal Name and Business Address, match the information that was provided to the agency in your application for operating authority. To review what the FMCSA has on file for your company, please visit and select “Carrier Search” in the top right corner.

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